The Restoracy family of properties are the pinnacle of

senior care reimagined.

At The Restoracy, we don’t build institutions. We build homes.

We challenge expectations, leading with the best patient to caregiver ratio in the industry.

We foster community through the everyday Restoracy experience, from communal spaces and gatherings to activities that enrich the lives of our residents.

The Restoracy of Carmel provides a superior living experience and care delivery for residents by offering a home-like setting with the highest patient to care giver ratio in the industry. Most care environments are large, institutional facilities that house 100-150 residents, with long hallways, unfamiliar sounds, and systems that focus on efficiency rather than personalization.

The Restoracy is re-imagined to overhaul the traditional model by offering a home-like setting where residents have their own private room, common living area and kitchen/dining area where hot meals are served from the dinner table, just like at home. Each of our six homes is specialized for care in either rehabilitation, long term care or memory care. Staff training and care delivery systems differ from home to home to best meet each residents’ needs.

We invite you to come tour and see for yourself what “senior care reimagined” can look like for you or your loved one.

Career Oppourtunites

At the Restoracy of Carmel, patient centered care is a reality because everything is done on a smaller, more intimate scale. We are fundamentally different from anywhere you’ve worked

New Resident Inquiry

If you have a need for long-term care, memory care or rehabilitation after being in a hospital – we invite you to get the same level of care as the large institutional nursing and rehab homes, but in a brand-new, home-like environment.

Floor Plans

The Restoracy of Carmel is set in a residential area and features six homes. Each home has 12 private bedroom/bathroom suites that provide our residents with privacy. Residents are free to enjoy common spaces, have access to a full kitchen, and can use the dining room whenever they choose. The design, layout, and furnishings are all meant to encourage a comfortable life for our residents.