Skilled Nursing

Restore dignity to your lifestyle.

If your level of care has become dependent on the help of others, including nursing and caregivers, we have an amazing option for you. Two of our homes are dedicated to long-term care skilled nursing with 24 hour nursing assistance. Each home has 12 private rooms. Rather than live your life in an institutional environment, live a life of dignity with all the best parts of being at home.

All food is prepared in the home and is not brought in from a central kitchen. You will smell, see and experience each meal – just like you do at home! We have a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and therapists to help maintain your highest level of health and independence. We provide the same level of care as traditional nursing homes in a truly home-like environment.

Home-like Amenities

  • Private room and bathroom guaranteed!
  • A kitchen right in your home so you can see, smell and hear the food being cooked – to work up your appetite – just like at home.
  • Laundry services right in the home – not sent down to a “laundry room black hole”
  • Covered front and back porches to give you plenty of safe places to get some fresh air
  • Back patios open up to a shared courtyard with three other homes in our neighborhood campus
  • Garage parking for convenient pickups for appointments or outings with family members
  • Cozy fireplace dining and living room areas
  • Lots of natural light with modern skylight windows and 18-foot open living area
  • Caregiver ratios that allow staff to take the time to talk and listen and feel a part of our family
  • All our beds are extra wide for your comfort and have built in hardware to transform into a reclining chair position. You’ll have the comfort of sitting in a recliner without leaving your bed!

Clinical Amenities

  • 24 hour nursing care from RNs and LPN licensed nurses
  • 1:6 staffing ration from C.N.A.’s – most nursing homes have a 1:12 ratio or higher – this gives our team time to be there for your needs when you need them
  • On-site physician and nurse practitioner are available to respond to changes in condition, medication changes and any other concern related to your health
  • Personalized meal planning – with a dietician on staff full time (not contracted off-site like most nursing homes) you will have a uniquely personalized dining experience
  • Pharmacy services – with all prescribed medications from your physician
  • Physiatrist consultant on site to assist with physical health and pain management

Clinical Expertise

The staff in our long-term care homes will be specifically trained to address your needs related to your care. Our services include:

  • Assistance with all daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, etc
  • COPD and CHF treatment
  • Cardiac and pulmonary monitoring
  • Pain management
  • Medication management
  • General deconditioning and/or muscle weakness
  • Stroke aftercare
  • Wound care
  • Diabetic management
  • Sepsis recovery
  • General care from ailments and incidents that have required hospitalization