Why Work for The Restoracy?

If you are a caring person that got into the medical field to help others, but have become frustrated with the institutional models that put operational efficiency above resident needs, we’d like to RESTORE your faith in why you chose nursing or caregiving as a career.

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At the Restoracy of Carmel, patient centered care is a reality because everything is done on a smaller, more intimate scale. We are fundamentally different from anywhere you’ve worked in 4 major ways:

1. Our staffing model gives our team time to talk and listen to residents, as well as play, eat (yes – you will get to eat meals with the residents) and interact with them in a way never thought possible in larger, institutional nursing homes. 

2. Each home has its own kitchen where food will be served straight from kitchen to table, instead of eating on cafeteria-style trays that have been dragged hundreds of feet throughout a large facility. 

3. You will have specialized training and routine assignments. Each of our six homes has a specific focus: rehabilitation, memory care, or skilled care. With routine assignments, you’ll get to know and care for your assigned residents better than you ever have before. 

4. This community is a locally owned and operated family company. The administrator is also a CNA of 11 years and will be onsite to make sure the residents get the best care and that the staff love coming to work. Being local and on-site helps us to make the right decision in the moment for what is best for our residents and associates.

Bring the same skills and passion for service you already have and apply them in the best environment available for our seniors. You’ll be able to take care of fewer people with the highest level of care and attention that they deserve.


Jobs available:

Nurses – RN and LPN (all shifts)
C.N.A or Q.M.A. (all shifts)
Culinary aides
Marketing and Admissions
Maintenance and Environmental Services

Employee benefits:

Excellent pay
Health, dental, & vision insurance
Paid time off