What to Expect When You Move in at The Restoracy

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Moving is a big transition for anyone, but especially for seniors transitioning to skilled nursing care. When we re-imagined senior care, we started with the day you move in.

We want you to feel welcomed and at home with us from the very first day. When you move in, you’re greeted with a welcome basket filled with surprises. You’ll be able to bring the things special to you – like your special keepsakes, family photos, quilts, blankets, even your own pillow.

The Restoracy is your new home and we want it to feel like home, too. A big part of being at home is the freedom to decide what you’ll do and when. The freedom to choose, to have the same flexibility you’re used to is key to both a successful transition and your overall happiness. So when future residents ask what they can expect on a typical day, our answer is, “What would you like?”

Freedom to choose – and plenty of choice.

You’ve spent decades sleeping and waking on your schedule, deciding what activities and hobbies to engage with, and catering to your food preferences and needs. The difference when you become a resident at the Restoracy is you’ll have around the clock support to continue living life the way you want. 

Night owl? Early bird? You’ll never miss breakfast.

Need some time to wake up slowly and prefer to have your therapy appointments after lunch? You can still schedule appointments when you prefer.

Love socializing but sometimes need to recharge your batteries alone? Enjoy your alone time knowingL more opportunities to connect and socialize are just around the corner (literally, in your cozy living area!).

Want to venture out? From grabbing ice cream at a local shop to visiting the Christkindlmarkt in Carmel, you’ll have your fill of  opportunities to venture away from home.

While your day to day varies, you’ll always have access to a number of convenient amenities including:

A warm welcome for guests.

Every senior care facility says it feels like home, but when it comes to visiting procedures, it doesn’t always feel that way. Moving into the Restoracy for skilled nursing care means you have the flexibility to welcome friends and family any time. You’re not limited to rigid visiting hours and your visitors walk through your new front door to the warm and inviting living room space. Whether kids and grandkids are popping in for a weekly visit, to celebrate a special occasion, or join in a family day activity, they’re welcome in your new home just as they were in your old one.

Re-imagining senior care at the Restoracy means you have a say in determining everything from the food you eat to the activities and events. Our staff values your ability to continue having the freedom to make decisions for your day. Regular opportunities to meet and discuss ideas with the Restoracy team are another part of making the Restoracy your home.

See more of the events, activities, and life at the Restoracy on our Facebook page. Then join us for a tour and experience the warmth of the Restoracy for yourself.


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